Understanding Animal Cruelty Laws in Indianapolis, Indiana

Animal cruelty is illegal in Indiana and Indianapolis is no exception. Learn more about animal cruelty laws in Indianapolis.

Understanding Animal Cruelty Laws in Indianapolis, Indiana

Animal cruelty is a serious offense in the state of Indiana, and Indianapolis is no exception. The Indiana State Animal Health Board (BOAH) has compiled a list of laws related to animals, but it is important to note that BOAH is not responsible for enforcing many of these laws. It is recommended that individuals and organizations consult an attorney for legal advice and answers to questions about specific situations. The BOAH list includes some links to federal laws, but does not attempt to include all federal laws related to animals.

For example, there is a spaying and neutering requirement for animal care centers, an optional county dog tax, and commercial dog breeders statute. Additionally, there are livestock and poultry care rules, meat and poultry standards, and inspection of meat and poultry products. Cruelty to animals is illegal in Indiana, as it is throughout the country. While state animal protection laws are less detailed than in many other parts of the country, they cover basic forms of abuse and neglect. It is important for pet owners and animal lovers to be aware of the most important laws related to animal cruelty in Indianapolis. Recently, a bill was proposed that would have increased the penalties for those who commit animal cruelty in the state of Indiana.

However, the bill failed after a Republican-controlled senatorial committee voted against it. The senators who voted against the bill were concerned about the potential problem of cascading crimes, in which increasing the punishment of one crime would call into question the punishment of others by suddenly bringing them to the same level. Currently, a charge of animal cruelty in Indiana is considered a Level 6 felony, which carries a prison sentence ranging from six months to two and a half years with a one-year advisory sentence. Judges may also reduce or convert Level 6 felonies into Class A misdemeanors. If the bill had passed, animal cruelty would have been considered a Level 5 crime with a prison sentence ranging from one to six years with a three-year advisory sentence. Advocates argued that there is a connection between violence against animals and violence against humans, and called on senators not to consider animals as property but as living beings that suffer long-term emotional harm in addition to physical harm.

Ultimately, the bill failed in a vote of 3 to 4.Under the new law, a person can face a federal crime if convicted of purposely crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, impaling or otherwise seriously injuring an animal. Anything that isn't the case is still enacted at the state and local levels. Indiana makes it a crime to intentionally kill or abuse an animal to threaten or intimidate a family member or household member. It is also illegal to interfere with the actions of a law enforcement animal while it is assisting an officer in their duties or possess animal fighting paraphernalia. It is essential for pet owners and animal lovers to be aware of their rights under the law when it comes to animal control.

If you ever find yourself approached by animal control in connection with your cat care position, make sure you understand your rights under the law.